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About the Podcast

Minding My Creative Business Podcast
MMCB Podcast helps you embrace the business of creativity!

Every week, go with Ron "iRonic" Lee and ShySpeaks behind the brand of some of the most wildly successful creative entrepreneurs. You'll be sure to gain access to the strategy and structure that
turn creative arts into viable 6, 7, and even 8 figure businesses!

Trust us, you're not the only _____ (*insert your creative genius here*) that struggled with generating a full-time income from your skillset and passion.
But musician, photographer, designer, etc. all over the world have embrace the power of information, implemented business principles & systems, and moved from creatives to CEOs thereby turning their passion into profits.

Say this out loud: All it takes is intention, consistency, and laser-focus to Mind My Creative Business!

About your hosts

Ron "iRonic" Lee Jr.

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Ron, is a Detroit born and raised music producer turned creative business coach. As the CEO and founder of “Vision Work” Academy Ron’s passion is and has always been helping creative people turn their creative gifts and talents into revenue generating businesses via mindset development. He majors in VISION CLARITY & BRANDING.

Shy "ShySpeaks" Amos-Powell

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ShySpeaks is an artivist & operations enthusiast from Dallas, TX! When she's not graces mics & stages or curating community events, she's helping other indie artist setup, organize and operate their art as a business! She is the passionate founder of Indiestructure Academy. She majors in SYSTEMS & STRUCTURE!